Nivis Technology

The development of wireless standards in recent years has revolutionized wireless sensing technology, creating interoperability and standardization and driving down cost. The most prevalent of the standards are ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, and Smart Object. These standards are all based on a full mesh networking architecture that delivers the installation flexibility, network scalability, power consumption, data reliability and security needed in a wireless sensor network.

With increasing attention to reliability, security, and battery life, Nivis strongly supports the work of the standards bodies. By choosing Nivis hardware and software you are choosing an open architecture that incorporates the latest developments in wireless sensing technology that will work seamlessly with any other standards-compliant hardware or software you already own or are considering purchasing.

Smart Object

Compatible with the IPv6 Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks standard. Optimized for applications which require low power, long battery life, with relatively long hops under adverse radio conditions.