Technology Standards Comparison

Nivis actively supports the ISA100.11a, WirelessHART and Smart Object wireless mesh network standards with both software and hardware. At present we do not support the Zigbee standard, because we believe the first three are clearly superior.

Any of the three main standards can be used for any application. In general, Nivis finds that WirelessHART is a good choice for applications needing to interact with a preponderance of existing HART and WirelessHART devices. ISA100.11a is a great all-round technology, especially for industrial and process automation applications. Smart Object was developed specifically for the Internet of Things: applications requiring potentially tens of thousands of IPv6-addressable sensing and controlling devices.

Smart Object
Zigbee PRO
Number of devices per Gateway4,000255
Network Scalability (through one centralized manager)4,000255
Mesh Layers Support258
Maximum Packet Size2048 Bytes1028 Bytes
Latency< 30 seconds< 30 seconds
Application LayerCoAP-basedProprietary
Target ApplicationMetropolitan Area Networks (MANs)Home Area Networks (HANs)
Supports Distributed System Management for Redundancycheck mark
Supports Remote Firmware Upgradescheck markcheck mark
Peer to Peer Communication Supportedcheck mark
Battery Powered Devices Capable of Routing (true battery powered mesh)
Supports Star Topology networks with battery powered end nodes (ultra long life routing nodes)check markcheck mark
Two-way Communicationcheck markcheck mark
Supports IPV6 (6LoWPAN) and utilitiescheck mark
Multi-path redundancycheck mark
Utilizes Frequency Hopping for robust communicationscheck mark
Channel Blacklisting Mechanism for robust communicationscheck mark
RoLL (RPL) Routing Protocolcheck mark
Web Services to Devicecheck mark
802.15.4-2006 Compliantcheck markcheck mark
802.15.4g Compliantcheck mark
802.15.4e Compliantcheck mark
802.15.4 compliant security – AES128 bit encryptioncheck markcheck mark
Supports End-to-end Securitycheck mark
2.4GHz Radio Supportedcheck markcheck mark
900MHz Radio Supportedcheck mark