Cloud Network Operations Center

Cloud Network Operations Center (NOC)

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The Cloud Network Operations Center (NOC), a core component of the Nivis Smart Object Platform, is a web-based management tool that leverages cloud-computing technologies to provide a simple yet powerful interface to support Smart Objects in highly scalable wireless mesh networks. With Cloud NOC, you can easily connect, control, manage, and monitor all of your Smart Objects devices in applications such as utility monitoring, home and office automation, environmental monitoring, healthcare, and many more.

Cloud NOC offers easy integration with Smart Objects devices, remote network management, secure data transport and storage, data visualization, and export capability. Web services facilitate integration with external systems, simplifying the development of applications using device data.

Cloud NOC provides a robust platform for the “Internet of Things,” enabling the deployment of applications in hosted or cloud (private or public) environments that automatically scale to meet any demand, from the first prototype to field pilot tests and production systems.